What does it mean to be a "creator of your life?"

I first learned that I was a creator by reading at a time when I was still unclear about who I was and what I represented in my own world.

Before, I was not aware that every feeling, thought, look can shape my life towards what I want and don’t want.

After experiencing and observing how things change according to how I feel, I began to perceive what it is to be a creator. I looked back at my life, took stock of all the feelings, emotions, perspectives and realized that I was the only blind person here. I had it in front of me the whole time. Events, behavior, reactions, emotions all indicated that I shape my own life by how I feel.

Depression can only exist if I am depressed, if I allow myself to be depressed. Depression will not show up in the mind of a person who is happy at every moment regardless of what is happening. Here we can see a conscious depression and a conscious way out of it.

I felt alone from a young age. Depression, anxiety, fear, stuttering, doubt have all been a part of me for as long as I can remember.

Fear can only be felt when you doubt your own immortality.

The disease is a simple lack of trust in one’s body. If I have to die of disease, I will die happy without doctors, I will die free. I have experienced conditions that were acute and would have meant a trip to the hospital for most. Nevertheless, I am here and I perceive the beauty of every moment. My body is extraordinary and instead of passing the responsibility on to others, I decided to take responsibility for my body myself no matter what. So I can be freer.

The realization that I am the creator of my life regardless of what I have experienced is the path to freedom for everyone. If I realize that only I AM responsible for my entire life on this planet, the illusion of enemies goes away, along with the war. At such a moment, the abundance of the entire planet comes into play, flourishing, love, health, joy, friendship, unity.

That’s why I will write about it, talk about it, point to it until my last days on this beautiful earth.

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.