33 years on earth

I was born on earth, of course, as a free and strong being.

In my childhood my parents had me vaccinated with some vaccines for fear of dying prematurely, sent me to school where I was sent to a psychiatrist from a young age just because I did not accept the system they created.

I was taken to doctors whenever my body did something that was not normal so I wouldn’t die prematurely. All to protect me, of course. Everything based on fear.

I don’t need protecting anymore, I’m not 5 years old.

I’m strong enough to protect myself and those around me. I can think for myself, I can recognize lies and manipulation.

I don’t need protection from governments and the system, from the police, or from anyone trying to protect me from making bad investments. I understand my impact on my life.

Circumstances may or may not shape our life. Even though I have lived most of my life with people who were afraid of everything it has had no effect on me.

I’m already forced to pay taxes on everything wherever you are in the world. You can’t label anyone for not paying taxes, we all pay taxes wherever we are on earth.

On top of that, as if that wasn’t enough, these governments are trying to regulate every aspect of our lives, artificial intelligence which of course they will use for wars, cryptocurrencies which give us 100% financial freedom, health, food, water, animals everything.

I have had enough of all this and I recommend that all governments, politicians and world leaders or whatever they call themselves to rethink what they are doing before they lose all their credibility.

Change is inevitable and I will always be on the side of humanity. how order can be maintained without third parties


how order can be maintained without third parties ?:

Basic laws are sufficient to maintain order. We don’t need millions of them.

1. I don’t kill someone just like that. Self-defense is another matter.

2. I will not rape – As a man i must control myself.

3. I don’t steal – I understand if you steal from me because you have nothing to eat or drink. I’ve never steal, but I’ve been in situations where I had nothing to eat or drink.

4. I will not cheat – you will act honestly and in the interest of yourself and everyone else.

5. I will not lie – i will not say it was like this when it was otherwise.

6. I will be honest even if it hurts someone else

7. I will not pollute your surroundings

8. I will respect your space and the space of others

9. I will kill animals only for food

10. I will use the planet’s resources responsibly and always do my best not to exhaust all the resources in a given location

These are the basic laws that I fully respect and because of these laws we can all live in harmony without third corrupt parties.


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