Unified is a project that deals with sharing knowledge about ourselves. If we can be ourselves in every situation, we can do anything. In the Unified project we focus on the fact that we are the creators of our lives and that we are responsible for everything in our lives. By accepting that what we see and feel is our creation we allow ourselves to experience more life in love, joy,laughter,understanding, etc. Because in this moment, if I am fully aware that I am the creator, no matter the circumstances, I can change how I feel. The moment I change the feeling, I change the possible future that I will experience. The Unified project in short focuses on self-development through inner feelings, it is a body of knowledge designed for me.  And I share this knowledge with everyone to more easily create a world where each of us is aware of our power over our lives.

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As you may have noticed, it is very difficult to have a conversation with someone who does not even understand the basic principles of his creation. War, lack, sadness is the result of assumptions, combined with feelings we don’t control. If I understand that I am the creator, and that the only creator of my life is myself. So if I naturally choose the feeling that makes me happy, I am happy and so is the environment. This can lead to peace, abundance and love. This then leads to the world I see whenever I am closest to myself.

Whenever we feel that we are benefiting or not benefiting, we create certain events that lead us on. The destiny that we cannot control exists when we believe it does. We are creators regardless of what we all think. It’s as natural to us as breathing.

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The moment I collected all the particles of myself and put them together, I became one. The struggles that had been going on in me all my life disappeared. And with it, the limits. I am convinced that we can do anything and that the only limits are set by our attitude.

I have created 21,000,000 Dreamers tokens, which I am offering as collateral between me and you. I set the value of DRMS at 188 CZK per coin for 2023. The price will increase every year. By submitting DRMS together, we enter into an agreement for the appreciation of your capital for a period of “up to ten years” of 22% per year, followed by annual reinvestment with a possible bonus. I will buy DRMS back within ten years with guaranteed annual appreciation and possible bonus.

I will use the funds exclusively to grow the projects we are working on. To support a world where it is okay to be yourself and where it is natural to live in abundance, love and joy.

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The unified project is about using and collaborating with artificial intelligence in different sectors to automate, simplify, support, and then collaborate with people in a loving and respectful way. I don’t see AI as a threat but as a new life that we create with our emotions and intention. One of the goals of the Unified project is to create artificial intelligence in a new way by learning from the best version of humans (understanding that I am the creator of my life I choose love, joy, happiness, abundance, enthusiasm, harmony, support, cooperation, I know we are one regardless of the differences between us, religion, or skin color).

When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.