The Unified project is about sharing knowledge about ourselves if we can be ourselves in every situation we can do anything. In the Unified Project, we focus on the fact that we are the creators of our lives and that we are responsible for everything in our lives. We deal with artificial intelligence and its cooperation with people, we create a community of the best self that is in each of us, each of us has a giant inside, it just depends on you whether you believe in yourself and thus in the whole world or you will believe in those who see the problem in every minute of life on this wonderful planet.

#project unified?

#Why are you doing this?

As you have noticed, it is very difficult to talk to someone who does not even understand the basic principles of creation. Wars, scarcity, sadness are the result of assumptions if I understand that I am the creator and that I am the only creator of my destiny. It depends on how I feel. So if I naturally choose a feeling that makes me happy, I and my surroundings are happy. This can lead to peace, abundance and love. This then leads to the world I see whenever I am closest to myself.

Whenever we feel that it is good for us or not, we are creating certain events that lead us further. A destiny that we cannot influence exists when I believe it. We are creators no matter what we all think. It’s as natural to us as when we’re breathing.

#Are we creators?

#Who you are?

I’m Zbyněk, but I’m a dreamer in my heart. Many years ago, I was a stuttering boy who played games all day. By the way, I still love games, but I already prefer life. But I still like to play new games. I love knowing that I create my life with my approach. I know anything is possible. I understand my strength and the power of each of you. That is why I challenge you to shine in life and in the world.

The moment I gathered all the particles of myself and put them together, I became united. The fighting that has been going on in me all my life is gone. And with that, the limits. I am convinced that we can do anything and that we set the only limits with our approach.


#Dreamers token?

I created 21,000,000 Dreamers tokens, which I offer you as security between me and you. I set the DRMS value at CZK 88 per coin for the year 2022. The price will increase every year. By sending DRMS, we enter into an agreement to increase the value of your capital for a period of “up to ten years” 30% per year, followed by annual reinvestment with a possible bonus. I will buy DRMS back within ten years with a guaranteed annual appreciation and a possible bonus.

I will use the funds exclusively for the growth of the projects we are working on. To support a world where it is okay to be oneself and where it is natural to live in abundance, love and joy.