I have yet to know anything freer than the fact that I am the creator of my life.

It’s time for people to realize that we are the creators of our lives, no government, no politics, no celebrities. We are not here to listen to them. We are here because we wanted to be here. But we forgot that. We are love, joy, light. We are the force that makes worlds.

Every second I create with the power of my emotions on any subject. How strongly I create emotions towards any topic shapes my life. The way I feel for most of the day is the vibration I am moving towards. It doesn’t matter how it is or isn’t. The present is flexible, there is a new now in every second. It means I can start over without looking to the past with any emotion. Being the creator of my life allows me to become everything in my own reality.

Being the creator of my life allows me to become everything in my own reality.

At the end of the day, each of us is just expressing our view of the matter, our view of one of the realities, and acting accordingly. Our texts are most likely reflections of ourselves, as everything is. Mixed with the art of creating based on the intensity of the emotion.

I am part of creating a future that reminds you of your power. You are the creator of your reality. Anything you set your mind to is possible in time. The unlimited source of power and love is within you. Death is a change of pace.

I wasn’t born to agree. I was born to discover the treasures within me. To learn to love myself, and the moment I am in love with myself, I am in love with the world, the universe, everything.

Your truth may not be my truth.

Anyone who lives in harmony with his heart becomes my model.

How do I feel right now? A question that has the power to shape the reality I wish or don’t wish for.

Set an example. Have fun, smile, trust your heart. Enjoy this life as best you can. Wealth is as much a part of you as love, joy, health, vitality. You can do anything, anytime. Remember that! You are the creator and the choice is yours every second!

The only power I accept is the one inside me.

Once I transcend the fear within me, I become untouchable. What do you want to threaten a being who understands his immortality?

I used to have role models. Once I developed my mind, I understood that the only role model should be myself. To inspire myself, to love myself, to push myself, to know myself, to thrive, to laugh a lot and to be an asset to myself. Once I become my own role model, I not only shift my world, but the world outside. As I develop myself, I develop those around me. A free loving being wants to live in a free and loving world, so he actively participates in its creation.

Whenever we are able to look at a situation differently, we create something new.

Fear can only be perceived in a moment of doubt about one’s immortality.

Realizing that I am the creator of my life no matter what I have experienced is the path to freedom for everyone. If I realize that I alone am responsible for all life on this planet, the illusion of enemies goes away. And with it, the war. At such a moment, the abundance of the whole planet, the flourishing, the love, the health, the joy, the friendship, the unity comes into play.

I measure personal growth by the degree of joy in my life.

Quotes by Zbyněk Dreamer Kozlík (Unified)

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