The human knowledge collection

was created as an artistic work in cooperation with artificial intelligence and graphic designer from together with the project which focuses on supporting the world in the form of knowledge, access and understanding that each of us is the creator of his reality

What does the the human knowledge collection represent?

The creator is each of us, but being a conscious creator, that is, awareness of various aspects that affect the quality of human life is key in directing us to what we want to experience. This nft collection shows these aspects and together with the text brings a new perspective on knowledge.

#1 The Knowledge

Human in the library looking for knowledge how to create everything in his life.

#2 Attraction

Attraction is part of us all and is contained in every thought. By paying attention to thoughts we attract situations, people, events.

#3 Connection

The connection between us all doesn't have to be just blood or kinship. You and I are people of different faiths or skin colors, but inside we have the same heart. We are connected within, we are all family.

#4 Diversity

Diversity, each of us is what makes up the whole world, thanks to diversity we are able to see different angles and thanks to different angles we are able to see different situations or stars in the picture Diversity.

#5 Abundance

Abundance is part of all of us, it is contained everywhere around us but also within us. The only thing that separates us from abundance is how we observe thoughts of abundance and how we feel about it. When we observe thoughts of abundance with a joyful feeling, we observe abundance.

#6 The Creator

We are all creators, whether we know it or not. As creators of our lives, we decide our own fate. Anything is possible. No dream is too crazy to come true. Everything is possible. You are the only one who decides about yourself, whether you inspire yourself and others.

#7 Flourish

Whenever you rejoice in yourself and others, you flourish; whenever you express joyfulness, you flourish; whenever you smile at yourself in the mirror, you flourish; whenever you direct your thoughts towards love and what you want, you flourish. Flourishing allows us to bring growth vibrations into ourselves and our surroundings

#8 Focus

Anytime you focus on anything, you create the same in your environment and within yourself. So if I focus on love, health, vitality, abundance, I experience the same in life.

#9 Freedom

If I am free, no one from the outside can manipulate me. If I am free, my decisions are in harmony with me. If I feel that I am free, I can accept or not accept information from the outside without it affecting me.

#10 Imagination

Anything that you can imagine is yours.

#11 Human Soul

The human soul is a part of the whole, so at the level of the soul we are all connected, the soul is in the body and leaves after the body is abandoned. The soul is immortal. It has no limits. Anything is possible.

#12 Joy

The purpose of your life is joy.

#13 Unconditional love

Unconditional love is always with us, it is with us even when we have no one next to us. It is with us even when we do not perceive it. Unconditional Love is to hold the vibration of who we are regardless of circumstances.

#14 Thoughts

Thoughts make up a large part of life for all people, thoughts can be observed, attention leads to realization so what thoughts do we observe such we have life.

#15 Vibration

Every person we know or don't know emits a certain kind of vibration. Based on these vibrations, we can create our life.

#16 Emotions

Emotions are a sign of which way we are going, if we feel good, we are going great joyfully on a path that we enjoy. If we go the way of fear, pain, doubt, we go on a path that does not interest us. So we can determine the direction of our journey

#17 Mindset

Whenever we set our mind in a certain direction, we can experience various lives because by setting our mind, we shape the life we dream about or don't dream about. That's why I recommend setting ourselves as conscious creators of our reality—in such a mindset, everything is possible.

#18 Wellbeing

Well-being is inside of us, it is a natural state which we can perceive at any moment. Relax, all is well.

#19 Everlasting

We can't die, we're eternal life.

#20 Transformation

Death as we understand it does not exist, it is only a transformation. The day we move forward another step is the day we put aside all dreams in this reality and move towards a new adventure.

#21 AfterLife

As creators, we decide what we will see next. We can be in multiple places at once, doing what we want, we can meet anyone, anything, we can create galaxies, visit other worlds. Everything is possible.

When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.