Explore Web3 with complete peace of mind, thanks to our security browser plugin. Web3 Antivirus protects you from dangerous smart contracts and phishing websites and alerts you when you are about to fall victim to a scam.

Skiff is a tool that gives the power over your internet life back to you.

End-to-end encryption of emails, calendars, documents and files, allowing you to communicate freely.

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Take back your digital sovereignty.

Share and manage sensitive data and related assets.

Sharing Private Files

Diode Drive allows organizations and people to store data on local computers while reaping the benefits of distant collaboration and sharing.

Files are synced with authorized peers and may be shared publicly or privately without the need for an account.

End-to-end (E2E) encryption protects all activity, collaboration is completely private (no user identification is necessary), and file sharing does not necessitate transferring the content to an intermediary storage location.

Decentralization and Web3 Hosting

The Diode Network is the world’s first and only completely trustless communications network.

It is made feasible by the BlockQuick algorithm’s basic breakthrough, which provides trustless authentication without requiring a great amount of memory or bandwidth.

The Diode Network powers next-generation decentralized technologies that are more secure, private, and dependable than today’s brittle, expensive, and/or unsecure cloud settings.

Our Web2.0-to-Web3 bridging technology enables completely decentralized web hosting and services to power today’s Web2.0 top-level domains.


Crypto invoicing that’s simple & free
Smart Invoice is an easy-to-use tool that provides web3 freelancers with cryptocurrency invoicing, escrow, and arbitration.

Decide which cryptocurrency to be paid with and in how many payments.
Escrow funds are secured via a smart contract until released to your wallet.
Integrated dispute resolution through a third party arbitrator, if you need it.
Protect your money.
Protect your time.

Do business with anyone, anywhere, even if you don’t know or trust them yet

Gain the peace of mind that you will get paid if you do the work

Get paid as you complete project milestones, instead of at the end of your project

Protect yourself from chargebacks and fraud

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