What are Facts?

If we are able to grasp the truth that we ourselves create our external life, the word fact can only be associated with the fact that I can say with certainty that as a creator, whatever I consider to be a fact (in the long run) becomes a fact in my world.

To understand the word fact, according to wikipedia (act from Latin factum, that which is done, finished, Czech fact) is a term for a single known and verified partial fact, event, result)

“A known and verified partial fact”. If I take a hundred scientists and tell them to know and verify this partial fact, almost every one of them, if they work separately, will produce a different result. Thus, in our world, a “fact” is what someone agrees on. But if something is a Fact, shouldn’t a hundred scientists produce the same result? Only then could we call that event a “fact”.

What is a fact? Is a fact that you go to work? Is a fact what you see in front of you? If reality is so taken, what are you made of? If you do not see atoms and you are made of atoms, then you and the whole environment can be a fact and what we do not see, or rather, what we do not see is a fact.

So a fact can be seen in the two cases that I can think of at the moment, “a fact that I am consciously creating, that is, programming my mind to be a fact, whatever that fact is. 2. A fact that is presented as a fact and because we are looking into a keyhole, it is impossible to see anything other than the fact that someone has told us it is as that fact.

It is a terribly interesting observation. We take an event, we put 20 people in front of that event, 20 people have seen with their own eyes an event that should be taken as fact, but all 20 people describe something else, even though they saw the same thing.

The facts presented are just the observations of the individuals (the creators), so they may not apply to your reality. Therefore, be selective about what you consider to be fact. For you decide the quality of your life.


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