The meaning of life

Since I was ten years old, I have been searching for the meaning of my life, but also of life in general. I had no idea why I was here. Why I have scared people around me. Why I’m scared too. Why we fly to the doctor with every cold and pain. Why people are mean to each other. Why parents swear at each other. Why they don’t understand who I am. Why we live in an apartment. Why we can’t afford what I want. Why I stutter. Why I can’t get anything done. Why I’m internally constricted. Why I cry every night. Why I’m depressed. Why am I afraid to die? Why am I afraid of fear?

Why was there a lot of.

Today I don’t ask myself why anymore? Actually, I don’t have unanswered questions. Today I can answer every question myself. Today I know what I carry inside me. I know what you carry inside you.

Thrive – a word I didn’t understand before. Today, when I imagine myself as a flower in winter at birth, I gradually move into spring when I begin to flourish. I am coming into spring with my setting, my point of view. What I’m radiating right now. Yes, there are still days when I close myself off and get to the beginning, but the sun always comes out after the night.

Mindset – Actually, the most important thing I could tell was my mental setup. The mindset can make me depressed or make me dance, laugh, love the moment, etc. Mindset makes me able to be anyone. I can be anyone. Or I can just be myself, which of course I recommend to everyone xD but what is being yourself? It’s a state where I agree with myself in everything.

Sunshine in the mind, sunshine in the life. – The moment I can laugh inside myself, I can laugh at you. Sunshine in the mind is the state where I know and understand that anything is possible and I just dance through life. I have a good time doing that. I laugh a lot. I support myself and those around me.

Traces of Love – This all leads to love for myself, for you, for everyone. Love is a transformative force that I have only come to know in recent years. Yet the traces of love are everywhere and have guided me through life. It’s guiding you too! We just don’t see them sometimes because we’ve come to believe that someone out there is setting the mindset. We can see traces of love everywhere, every day. What traces of love did you see today? It’s the little things. You take someone’s basket out because you see them on the way out. Or you pay for someone’s groceries. You smile at someone, you support someone else in his/her dreams. You just start dancing outside. You gift someone with the best chocolate.

In the end, each of us is a unique creator on our own journey of self-discovery. To the expansion of our soul. That’s why there are billions of truths. Billions of paths. Ways.

I love you.

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.