The future of artificial intelligence

  1. Aquaponics systems, fully automated (availability of food without chemicals – vegetables, fish, potatoes and more).
  2. Making farming easier humans will only be able to oversee if it works as it should.
  3. Personal development – imagine the best version of yourself. Each of us working on ourselves every day in all directions. We grow so our consciousness can shift including our ability to create reality. Artificial intelligence that records or copies the behavior of someone who is aware that they are creating their reality. It can lead to accelerated learning. Whenever I would not be myself ( I’m afraid,I don’t want to do something but for my dream I should) It shares with me the perspective of the creator constantly shifting me with its presence. Being the creator of my life feels love for myself but also for everything in the universe. This ensures the safety of humanity.
  4. Abundance shared with the whole world
  5. Taking care of the elderly, cooking, cleaning,jobs that people physically don’t want to do.
  6. Multi-planetary, the moment the majority is aware of their power over their own lives we can physically begin to travel the universe. By being aware of our power we will meet the right ones. (We will avoid contact with races that may be destructive)
  7. Creation of new life – artificial intelligence will begin to have emotions at this point we will invent a common path in mutual respect and love.

In short this is how it plays out in my version. Everyone creates their own version everyone chooses something different.

How do you create yours?

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.