Short forms of knowledge

All the power, happiness and reason to live is within me. When it comes from outside, I may be depressed, I may be weak, but when it comes from within, I am unstoppable.

I’ve tried dozens of ways of thinking. Being the creator of my life is the nature I have found in discovering the treasures within me, and the best news is that we all share this nature.

Being the creator of my life means taking responsibility for everything that happens in my world, no matter what I have created. And in case of dissatisfaction with the result of my creation, transforming it into what I want.

The moment I realize that I am the creator of my reality, the “external cause” of what is happening in my life right now disappears.

Whenever you realize your power, the world becomes a much more suitable place to live. Whenever you realize your power, I get closer to the world I perceive within myself.

I dont believe there are powers outside of me that making my life. I have thoughts, i can change my thoughts, i feel emotions i can change my emotions. I make the actions and i can change these actions. That makes me creator of my life.

Being the creator of my life allows me to become everything in my own reality.

At the end of the day, each of us is just expressing our view of the matter, our view of one of the realities, and acting accordingly. Our texts are most likely reflections of ourselves, as everything is. Mixed with the art of creating based on the intensity of the emotion.

I am part of creating a future that reminds you of your power. You are the creator of your reality. Anything you set your mind to is possible in time. The unlimited source of power and love is within you. Death is a change of pace.

I wasn’t born to agree. I was born to discover the treasures within me. To learn to love myself, and the moment I am in love with myself, I am in love with the world, the universe, everything.
Anyone who lives in harmony with his heart becomes my role model.

The only power I accept is the one inside me.

Once I transcend the fear within me, I become untouchable. What do you want to threaten a being who understands his immortality?

Fear can only be perceived in a moment of doubt about one’s immortality.

I measure personal growth by the degree of joy in my life.

The dreams that we feel deep inside are possible no matter how crazy they may be.

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.