The moment I began to realize my mind as I looked back was crucial in self-awareness. Eventually, I discovered that self-knowledge leads to an explosion of faith in yourself and an explosion of faith in each of you without distinction. The moment I perceive myself as a creator who can do anything in my world, you are perceived as well. At that moment, in my eyes, you are not a victim of the world, you are a victim of yourself and “your” beliefs that you have learned from someone. So the realization that I can create any life no matter who I am or what I’m doing right now. Are you living the version you want right now? Personally, right now I am creating what I want, I share my view with the co-creators. I respect the creation of every being. In fact, the worldwide theater is fine, where someone got the impression that they actually know better than me what is good for me :D.

The view of self-knowledge can be expanded many times over. A book can be written about it, but it can also be written in a few sentences.

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.