Predictions (creation)

How does predicting (creating) the future of humanity work?

It goes through a billion different possible realities in a second. The only reality we can pinpoint is ours, because we have control over it. It’s as natural to us as breathing. So guessing the collective future is mere speculation. We are all involved in creating the future we want and don’t want to experience. Suppose I want to experience love, joy abundance and prosperity in my world and the world around me, I should create such a world, but how to do it? Can I actively share love, abundance and joy, including prosperity (of course I can only share this if I have sufficiently filled my cup myself ).

It works the same way today with fear, sickness,scarcity. Simply believing in scarcity is easier than believing in abundance, it is the next logical step because we have made it the next logical step with our attitude. If we want to experience something in our world, let’s make it the next logical step.

So how do we anticipate (create) our own future?

1 By realizing that we are the creators of our lives. From there, we can take conscious steps to fulfill the future we want or don’t want.

For example, if I want to experience joy in my life, I should be open to joy and I should do what makes me happy, and my actions should lead to joy.



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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.