Personal growth

I measure personal growth by the degree of joy in my life.

How is it possible to measure personal growth by the measure of joy?

Why do I grow personally? So that I can experience what I want to experience. I can experience the thoughts that I choose to experience. Why is growth important in my life? Because I can choose my thoughts, I can find joy in walking, in crying. Personal growth is important to me because that’s when I’m closest to myself, when I feel special, and when I feel special, I see joy everywhere. A joy that I create by my own perception, regardless of the circumstances.

Skipping the process of personal growth, what is the result of all this?

Why am I growing? What is the result?

1. Behaving, reacting to perceive myself as the creator of my life in every single second and after life. That’s when I can reach my full potential. I can create anything in this moment. There are no limits.

I am the creator of my life naturally, personal growth for me is learning to handle my thoughts, learning to feel how I want to feel and once I remind myself of this again, I can move on again.

(We are all creators whether we know it or not. It happens automatically. Whenever we give emotion to something, it will grow in time, no matter what it is.) Emotion and intensity determines the time it will take us to create anything.

What is personal growth for you? How do you see the culmination of personal growth? How do you measure personal growth?

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