Past, present, future

How is it possible that the past, present and future are happening at the same time?

Let me explain with an example.

I’m going to get sick. In order to get sick, several preconditions must be met (I accept that there is a disease, therefore I accept that I can be sick, I accept that anyone can infect me with anything) < this happened in the past.

In the present we can change what we have created in the past, but most don’t realize this fact < (as a creator I begin to change the present by focusing on the immortality of my soul and the vitality of my body, everything that happens happens to make me more vital).

I create the future with these thoughts (this is happening to make me more vital in the present, so I am creating the future).

How does it all happen at once?
The present contains the past and the future.

Follow the text – I am great < past (it has already taken place in the present which has become the past) > I like life > present (it is taking place and turning into past and future) > I will support myself, you and the world > future (the seed planted grows stronger in time, it grows in each now, but each now turns into future, each now is the present, how fast is already determined by the strength of the emotion).

Even simpler, by repeating different thoughts I plant the seed. In the past we plant, in the present it strengthens and grows, and in the future we reap what we have sown. Shaping the past, present and future can be done all at once in the moment.

That is, the past, present and future happen simultaneously, the past can be changed by our attitude in the moment. Just like the present and the future.

That’s why it’s important for me to understand that every second is a new opportunity to experience what I want. Looking back at what I or someone else has done is a drag on my potential and the potential of humanity. But I’m not here to hold back, I’m here to push forward.

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