Options for the future direction of planet earth

First of all, in the modern history of mankind, we don’t need a middleman.

Artificial intelligence will help us grow food, build cities, build roads. Artificial intelligence can help us in all areas of our lives.

If we still need money to live. There’s bitcoin. (Or you can create a community payment system using cryptocurrencies)

The internet can be accessed from our “bitcoin wallets” (every time we go online, a certain amount of satoshi is blocked), so when you are on the internet you will not rob others. You can also be rewarded with bitcoin every time you are being yourself.

We can set simple laws (no killing, no stealing, no raping,I will not pollute, no slavery,Copying allowed only when it serves the whole, war only between those who want war without firearms). You can only hunt animals out of hunger.

Planet Earth is our home and we need to clean up the mess that we all have made. Also support the whole planet earth with all the animals. (Build in harmony with nature. More green in cities. Clean rivers and water areas. Building new water areas.)

We are the creators of our lives. (Thoughts > Emotions > Actions > Materialization) We are citizens of planet Earth regardless of skin color, religion or point of view.

Schools will develop the potential of individuals, one world language to be taught in school. (Of course you can still speak the language you want, but you must know the one so we can easily communicate. From a young age you will learn how to create what you want). You can go to school or not, it’s your choice.

Free housing and food,water if you want. I’ll be happy if you add any other points that are important to you.

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.