My journey through life (My story)

I started like everyone else by being born into this world. I don’t remember anything until I was maybe 12 years old when I first started feeling anxious and depressed. I had a lot of questions but the answers weren’t coming no one around me could answer them. So I started reading dozens of books that were supposed to help me get answers. And from that came even more questions.

I was a stutterer from a young age, and I was a quiet kind of person. Teachers thought I was crazy. And they sent me to psychiatry from a very young age. I remember commuting to the psychiatrist and seeing people around me who were out of touch with reality. I just didn’t listen to authority, and I did what I wanted most of the time.

This led me to problems at school with teachers, the principal and that led to suspension. My parents didn’t understand why I was like that so they tried to punish me in different ways, one of those ways was threatening me with a correctional facility.

After school I was forced to go to work. But whenever I started somewhere I didn’t feel good not because of the job itself but because of the environment which was mediocre. And this feeling that I felt inside my stomach made it impossible for me to participate in society in any way. At 20, I left the house where my parents and I had argued every day of our lives.

And the only thing that changed was that it was more intense. Since moving out, I’ve been living in different places, first with a girl where I had a place to live and food to eat. This is when I started meditating to calm myself down.

It didn’t take long for the same thing to start all over again. In the end, I stayed in an apartment by myself that I found and paid for with the only difference being that I only had 2 weeks rent. That’s when I asked a friend if he wanted to live with me. He said sure, and came over. We both had no jobs at the time and needed to eat and get money for rent. It started with microloans. Which of course led to a debt trap. After a month, we weren’t able to borrow anywhere.

The depression deepened and at that time I started to feel really a lot of pressure and stress that had been present for many years. I felt like an animal that had to be constantly on guard living outside the system. This led to being evicted from my apartment for non-payment of rent. The landlord just changed the locks and we had nowhere to be.

That led us to selling pot and, at times, the street. I was able to go with nothing to my girlfriend’s place where they too were in debt and had nothing in the fridge. Depression was more frequent and bouts of aggression which I vented through tears.

Around that time I started working with a startup that ended up ripping people off. But at the time I was working with them, this project felt like a revolution. By this time, I was beginning to understand that I was the king of my life. And I was starting to understand concepts like who I was and what I wanted. I was getting my values and priorities straight. I met my mentor who taught me these ways but eventually rejected me because

I didn’t want to work on some of his projects. And he told me a fool like you won’t make his first million by 50. That’s when we got kicked out of another apartment for not being able to pay the rent, and then another. I promised my brother at that point that if he could help me find a place to sleep and food to eat, I’d pay him 500 million in the future. At this point the health problems started, I often thought my time had come and I was going to die.
When I was with my girlfriend, her mom started bankruptcy. But she didn’t know they were gonna take her house and everything she had. And I just found out we had a few months to move out. It was the first place I ever felt at home. I wasn’t able to do anything financially at the time. I was convinced I was gonna buy the house back.

From then on, I had nowhere else to go and the only place I could go was the street.

But that’s when I began to discover the truths that had been hidden inside me all my life, and that is: You are the creator of your life. I started meditating more often to empty my mind. It was so full of different scenarios.

For the last few years I’ve had a place to sleep and food to eat. My life is changing every day. And every day I feel more love for myself and the world. I’m calmer and I know I can do anything. I’ve started to explore different themes. I started to find myself. I started to get to know myself. And more importantly I started to like myself. And with that came a love of the world. The last three years I have started several businesses almost all of them have been unsuccessful. And so I continue on, knowing that I’ll be in the top 10 richest people in the world.

I’ve made so many promises I have to keep. And so every day I do what I can to be a better person and a more capable entrepreneur. To set an example for myself.

I will never give up what I feel inside. Realizing that I am the creator of my life has changed my life and reminded me of who I am and I now understand that the people around me including the cities animals and streets are part of me.

I don’t want to get rich to buy a bigger house or a bigger yacht. I’m going to get rich because I want to take the whole world with me.

The health problems I used to have are starting to go away and I feel much better than I ever have before. I bet everything on myself and my health and many times because I didn’t see a doctor I feared for my life. It’s been over 10 years since my last visit.

And I bet everything on my body and my mind no matter where it may lead.

The last few months I’ve been learning more about myself than ever and starting to love life with every breath. No matter what happens.

So all of this has led to self-love.

I know I’ll never give up. I’m gonna fulfill everything I promised. I will overcome everything. And I will finish my life story so that at the end of my life I can laugh and cry with happiness.

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