Human, wiki specs and continuation of the human story. The delay in materializing what we want and don’t want and the reason why it happens.

First, in reflecting on myself and the human species, I visited the wiki. How many of you looked up the word “human”?

I won’t state here what I agree and disagree with. The wiki in this case is written in an unbiased manner and is actually a description of the human species from the beginning to the “conflict” where it is explained vividly why wars are fought.

Quote from wikipedia: „The willingness of humans to kill other members of their species en masse through organized conflict (i.e., war) has long been the subject of debate. One school of thought is that war evolved as a means to eliminate competitors, and has always been an innate human characteristic. Another suggests that war is a relatively recent phenomenon and appeared due to changing social conditions.[447] While not settled, the current evidence suggests warlike predispositions only became common about 10,000 years ago, and in many places much more recently than that.[447] War has had a high cost on human life; it is estimated that during the 20th century, between 167 million and 188 million people died as a result of war.“


As you may have noticed, on wiki we end with the paragraph “conflict”. Why don’t we write a new paragraph together on the human species that discusses being creators? As vibrational beings, we can materialize anything you can imagine (in time). Why is there a time shift in creation? Well, if everything was created instantaneously, I wouldn’t have been alive long ago. My fears didn’t have time to turn into reality. Because of this reality, where wishes, dreams, and fears materialize gradually, we can center ourselves in a time when the whole world is falling on us. Actually, the delay protects us from what we don’t want. Can you imagine if you lived in a world where every thought and strong feeling materialized now? If that were the case, I believe the world would end very quickly. ( it’s easier to see everything negatively, it doesn’t take much effort).

The new paragraph depends on which way you go too! Together we can add paragraphs full of love, peace, abundance. Full of information on how to create the life we want. What paragraphs are written is in your hands!

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