Human development

How do we imagine the evolution of ourselves?

We are born > trying to grow up > adulthood > a new phase. In the new phase it is up to you how you create the world, perceive what is true and what is not, depending on your own point of view.

The natural development of a human being can bring two paths so far I perceive. Of course we are creators and so reality changes perhaps a billion times a second.

The logical direction – such a direction contains many limitations due to a misunderstanding of logic. Examples of the logical direction can be seen most since 2020. It was logical to inject an unknown substance into our bodies in order to stop a deadly disease. It is logical to introduce censorship in order not to induce panic in people. It is logical to lock people up in their homes in order to find out whether we are going to cooperate or not. It is logical that we can destroy our environment by the way we behave (waste going into the sea, cutting down and killing off the natural habitat of animals) and logically then the life in the sea and on land that feeds us will diminish.

I am a direction maker – In such a direction we engage the full potential of humanity as a whole. We will make unified decisions on issues of leadership, nature, food, survival, travel, simplification, artificial intelligence, etc. Not only will we be super fast and super efficient, but as humanity we will move into realms that are hard to imagine in terms of logic. We can provide unlimited food, housing, water. We can move housing into the clouds, the sea, underground or into space. With the realization that I am a creator, I stop fearing death. Evolution can thus proceed without infringing on individual freedom. In such a society, we don’t have to argue about what is or is not true. We don’t have to order things around or worry about criminals, wars or price increases.

In such a direction, teleportation can no doubt exist, the unlimited creation of food as well as water. Unlimited energy sources and space travel.

I have already chosen the direction. What direction do you choose?

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