How to recognize manipulation?

In recent years, I have noticed that it is possible to divide people through various topics.

But we are always strongest and united. If we divide into camps, it is only due to manipulation, assumptions and fear.

How can we recognize manipulation? Usually we’re not feeling well. We feel emotions of fury, hatred. Emotions break with us, our arguments are based purely on assumptions or newspaper information, which we have found in recent years are quite distorted and usually serve only one side.

Our attention is important. Where you are at the moment is important for the world.

I understand that different topics bring different emotions and that’s fine. It’s okay to feel it the way you want. I just wish we understood that no matter what your opinion, I will always love you. No matter how you feel or what anyone told you, I will always love you.

Why? Because I love myself and when I love myself I love you too. Such an approach can be key in directing the world to the abundance, sufficiency, love of all. Such an approach can provide us with peace, freedom, abundance for all.

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