How to identify your direction?

Before we dive into that, let’s distinguish a few words so we’re clear on what I’m writing about.

Nervousness – has nothing to do with our direction. If we’re nervous, it’s probably because we’re doing something new. It’s just a limitation we’ve created for ourselves with our approach to life. I don’t classify nervousness as a feeling that takes me away from the direction I want to go.

Fear is an unnatural state. Thus, if I have a direction and my life is driven by fear, I will need several lifetimes to fulfill what I set out to do before coming to planet earth.

Joy – has a profound effect on where I am going. If I feel joyful in whatever I am doing, it is a sign that I am following the path that I have set for myself and that I feel within my heart.

Love – It has a profound effect on where I am going and is leading me towards what I want. (Love, between me and me. If I feel love for myself, I feel love for the whole universe.) I’m not talking here about feeling for a girl or a guy that we all know, I’m talking about the love that can be felt for everything and everyone. Love grows or falls as we want it to. It doesn’t change the fact that even if you don’t feel love for yourself, someone else does feel love for you, and since I feel love for myself, I feel love for you. Every being in the universe is loved. It is logical.

Where am I going at this point? How do I feel?If I feel bad, full of doubt, I’m not going where I want to go. If I feel calm, I’m going where I want to go. If I’m scared, I’m not going where I want to go. If I’m happy, I’m going where I want to go.

How I feel is DETERMINED BY ME. So even the subsequent creation is in my hands (head).

Of course, not to follow the path I have determined is natural, for like death without it I would not know the path I want to follow. All is well. All life is just a game. You make the rules. You determine the facts. Nothing serious ever happens, everything is an experience and how I view the experience is up to me (you).

Even though sometimes what we create in our lives is wild, and I know there are a billions stories happening on planet earth right this very moment, I do what I can to deliver these words wherever they will facilitate our experience.

Any reality can be changed, it is shaped from the inside out. And each of us has the tools inside to do it. I can be born poor (without love around) I will still have the same resources as rich with (love around).


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