How do we create reality?

Thoughts > Emotions > Actions > Materialization.

I’ll give an example that applies to all of us.

The thought that I should eat (1st thought). The next step is the emotions that are associated with the taste of food or the feeling of a full stomach (2nd emotion). The last step is action. We go to eat or we go to get food (3rd action)

We all do this every second of our lives constantly applying these 3 steps everywhere in our lives.

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  1. Why not give an example that actually shows the power of manifestation? With the example you gave, I don’t think people are going to realize if they’re hearing something they don’t already know.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment. I understand. I was trying to approach as many people as possible and as simply as possible. And food is a subject that affects us all.

      What example would you give that would appeal to another audience?

      I can give other examples. How wishes, dreams, or what we want or don’t want materialize.

      Everything starts with a thought, a thought leads to an emotion, and that emotion leads to manifestation in time.

      If I want to experience more of what I want in my life, I start with the following

      Step 1 – Think of situations, things I want to experience
      Step 2 – Emotions associated with what I want
      Step 3 – Action (building habits that move me towards what I want, meditation, calming the mind, visualization, and inspired action that leads to manifestation in time)

      If I want to experience what I don’t want in my life, I create as follows

      Step 1 – Thinking about situations and things I don’t want to experience

      Step 2 -Emotions I feel as these thoughts materialize I experience the situations I feel as if they have already happened

      Step 3 – Action I start to act on those thoughts and emotions for example if I am afraid I have cancer I start to look for symptoms that lead to manifestation.

      But if I am living my life consciously I can observe all this in my life.

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