The direction we choose every second, we can fear, we can grow, we can feel love, we can feel unity. Where you go is in you, it’s in me, it’s in us.

Every second we create a new future, how is that possible? Each of us is at some level of thought, feeling. How you feel is actually one of the easiest indicators of where you’re going. Do you feel great, are you happy? You’re moving towards what you want, I would just add that feeling happy and great should be caused by you, not by someone you just fell in love with or who makes you happy. Then it’s happy and great from the outside, not the inside, and that can to some extent shape a future dependent on someone, which I guess as a single being you don’t want, do you? That’s your choice.

You set the direction, not your parents or someone at work or your boss, you set the direction. You shape your universe by your choices, by your thoughts, by how you feel right now.

That’s why I don’t look back to the past. Everything that happened a second ago is gone, and all that matters is the moment I’m experiencing right now in this moment. I create what I want and what I don’t want. Now I can choose to start over, now I can choose to be who I want to be.

How do you know what I write can be true? Look back at your life, do it for yourself, equip yourself with moments when you felt happy, but also those moments when you were depressed, what were you creating when you were depressed? What did you create in happiness? The indicators are obvious and they are there for everyone.

I don’t perceive good or bad in my world. I only perceive how I feel. Does it suck or do I have my eyes wide open like I did when I was born? Do I have an open mind? Do I feel my heart? Do I love what I’m doing now? Am I enjoying the weather? The water? The food? Do I feel the view of the sky, feel the wind blowing, appreciate every being?

The direction is determined by YOU and YOU alone.

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