Creator in practice

Let’s take a few examples of how anything we think about or experience can come into being.

An example of how depression arises and how to get out of it (> a thought > paying attention to a thought > the beginning of depression > noticing more thoughts – those that are not good for us > deeper depression).

How to get out of depression? Thought > does this thought help me love? Yes > developing > more thoughts that make me feel better > noticing what I love > noticing thoughts that recharge me >.

How does the disease work? Viruses and bacteria are constantly among us. Cancer exists within each of us, so if we start from the point of “I am the creator of my reality”, how does the disease arise? Attention > noticing that something is wrong with the body > seeing a doctor > getting a diagnosis > here it’s divided into “it’s fatal” or “you can handle it” > it’s fatal > deterioration > leaving the body.

How does the creator approach the disease? Attention > noticing that something might be happening > directing attention to vitality and health > not diagnosing > health.

Or Attention > noticing only what I want > health.

There are many paths and each of us chooses which path to take. Most are clear. Seeing a doctor for everything is a journey. In that case, however, we cannot be surprised at what has been happening in recent years.

If you are interested in more topics on how anything is created in our minds or just more articles on the topic of the creator in practice, I would appreciate a comment.

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