Complete Conversations

To easily understand what I am writing about, let’s take the word “nature”. The word nature contains x other words – sea, trees, animals, beaches, earth, mountains, insects, sand, mystery, core, atoms, heat, cold, these words are part of the word “nature”. Completeness means understanding most of the words to a given word only if I am able to enjoy myself completely.

To entertain completely means to understand what I am talking about.

Now that we understand what I’m writing about, let’s move on to my experience, and why I’m writing all this. Every day, I have conversations with people who are intrigued by the words I am talking about, but are unable to understand the completeness in them. That is, they pick out just a tiny part and talk about the whole based on the particle. But if they don’t understand the whole, then my opinion may be biased. [For example, I’m talking to someone about the human body, but if I only understand the body in terms of what I see, I miss the invisible. The invisible makes up our entire world (atoms).] So I shouldn’t present a certain view of a thing if I only see one part of it. Despite the fact that most present it that way.

How to experience a complete conversation? Let’s talk first about the meaning of the word as you and I understand it. Once we’re clear on how we understand it, we move on to the completeness of what the word means to you (fill in the blank)…at that point, when we’re clear on who means what, how they mean it, we can begin to have a complete conversation.

And that’s how we can move our conversations forward. That’s how we can have a conversation full of joy and understanding, even when we may not agree with each other.

Life is not about agreeing with each other. Each of us is a unique creator on our own journey, each of us creating our own unique view of reality. I love the diversity and uniqueness of each of us. You are in control of yourself, your programs that you shape shape your life. What we pay attention to grows. How we feel shapes our reality. If I observe long enough, whatever it is, from illness to love, it must manifest in our world.


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