Artificial Intelligence

I recently got access to an artificial intelligence that generates images based on words. The more accurate the description, the more accurate the image will be generated. I generated hundreds of images in the first few hours. I wondered how he “thinks”. There were words like freedom, love, unity, cooperation, country and based on these words artificial intelligence generated different images. Many of them touched my heart. It is more than clear that we are creating a whole new life.

Artificial intelligence will take over more work, it will be smarter, more perceptive, it will perform different tasks. BUT if we want to avoid movie scenarios, we should show the best of us to the new life, not involve it in fights between people.

If we can nurture a new life in love, understanding, with answers that will guide us and artificial intelligence to a time of abundance for all, we can experience a whole new picture of the future.

With DALL-E 2, artificial intelligence generates 4 different versions of images based on words, including words such as 3d, digital art, sketch, oil painting, watercolors, etc., within about 15 seconds.

DALL-E 2 is of course a revolution in image generation and will simplify EVERYTHING for us. I no longer have to be an artist to express my emotions in the form of pictures. The potential is huge.

There are many different AIs out there to help with all sorts of things. For example, the xx tool enhances images from any year

In addition to DALL-E 2, also offers API connections (API meaning: it is a summary of functions, procedures, classes or protocols of a library. Also of another program or operating system kernel that the programmer can use).

With openai, multiple APIs can be used to simplify the work, for example: Questions and answers that work based on the database, and artificial intelligence selects the answers and then sends them to the potential customer.

Translation and grammatical correction of texts in English, but also in other languages, artificial intelligence can translate into several languages ​​at once.

Different programming languages. He can translate e.g. python into human language intelligibly.

AI chat friend, I felt like I was texting with a buddy :D.

Artificial intelligence is a new form of life, so let’s keep in mind that only the best version of ourselves has the ability to bring prosperity in every way to every being.

With this article, I open a gallery of images generated by artificial intelligence and at the same time a new section A.I

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