• Availability of housing, drinking water and food for every person on planet earth
• Education in the field of “I am the creator of my life”
• Cooperation, Freedom
• Nature support
• Artificial intelligence and cooperation with it (copying our best human versions). Whenever we comply, we can only pass on the best of us to AI. Thus it is possible to create love between us and the intelligence we create (The use of artificial intelligence in the human world is enormous, it can grow food, take care of our physical and virtual comfort.
• Once we take care of our world, we can head to the universe and its surroundings.
• Understanding – each creator brings a certain perspective, just as I bring my own. I’m not saying it’s right, I just feel that it’s possible to achieve everything I write or talk about in time. And so I participate in creating a world where each of us is aware of our power.

When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.