What is freedom?

If I am free, I can direct my life in the direction I WANT.

If I am free, no one from the outside can manipulate me. If I am free, my decisions are in harmony with me. If I feel that I am free, I can accept or not accept information from the outside without it affecting me., unless I want to be “positively affected”. I’ll give you an example, if there’s a bunch of people standing outside and they’re laughing a lot and I’m walking by and something makes me laugh, there’s just been a conscious “I jumped on the laugh vibe” effect. But even that means being single, I made a “conscious” decision to hook up.

If I feel free but subject to my thoughts, I am easily manipulated by anyone, I cannot sort my mind and thoughts in it or actively develop myself. Let’s call it false freedom, because my life depends on the mood of society. So I do not decide “consciously”, I am not aware that I am a creator.

(false freedom) for the reason that I do not consciously decide the direction of my life.

Example: A fake bachelor sits at home because someone told him he had to be there. Freedom goes where it wants and when it wants. Fake freedom based on a conversation with your girlfriend or boyfriend will change the decision, even if from the bottom of his heart he wants something else. Freedom engages in conversations that move everything and everyone forward, so it misses the kind of conversation that took place with false freedom.

But if we reject all these comparisons, “every one of us is free regardless of system, situation or conscious or unconscious decision, because it’s fun”.
But if we want to take the fun to the next level and really start having fun in every second of life, I believe that knowledge is the most valuable thing that we can get here in this reality and maybe in the whole universe. I’m not talking about knowing how a car engine works or some disease. I’m talking about knowing how I can shape MY LIFE REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE SURROUNDING DOES. Then I am able to perceive FREEDOM in every moment.

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.