The world through my eyes

You were born a free man.  You were probably born in a hospital, where someone marked you, named you, gave you citizenship, a birth certificate and other “necessities”. I don’t mind being labeled, I’d much rather get a number saying I’m a citizen of planet earth. The moment we get those necessities, we are bound by the laws of that country. For example, in a state of war brought on by a politician combined with a mob that has been manipulated, you are obligated to go defend a piece of land that our ancestors appropriated.

But no one asked me if I agreed with that. Education as we know it creates workers in most cases. My parents told me “you have to go to school, you have to do this, you have to do that”. But it’s as if these backdrops don’t realize that I am the creator of my life and I decide what I have to do.

We can change all of this. We don’t have to follow in the footsteps of a million year old mindset and crowd psychosis. We can create a whole new freer future for all of us.

We can make our laws apply worldwide, we can call ourselves a citizen of planet earth. We can simplify life on planet earth. Schools can develop the creative part of us, we can experience so much more fun and joy in every breath we take.

I know that the moment schools around the world start developing the creative part of ourselves, people will come out of schools who will take care of the whole world in all aspects. The forward movement of humanity would be inevitable.

Each generation should embrace the new beliefs, not the old beliefs of people who are no longer here. Every second is an opportunity to create anything we desire or don’t desire, our creator within does not differentiate good or bad and from this perspective creates everything we give attention > thought > emotion > manifestation.

As children develop creatively knowing they are creators, crime as we know it today will almost disappear. With peace within our children, peace can reign in all corners of the world.

How to start?

  1. Support local vendors, support farmers, support small businesses run by ordinary people like you (this gives you more power over your life when it comes to food, drugstores).
  2. You are the creator of your reality (thoughts > emotions give it charge > materialization). That’s how you know you can add weight and accelerate or not accelerate materialization by using emotions. Either what you want or don’t want (understand what you are creating, get more control over what you want or don’t want to think about).
  3. Take responsibility for your life. Everything that happens to you is your creation (you won’t be a victim, you won’t blame everyone around you, you can simply say to yourself “I fucked up, but I’m moving towards what I want at this second, so I’m creating a new future, present and past, that’s what matters).
  4. Support the people around you. If someone doesn’t have food, give it to them. Take care of those who don’t have a place to sleep. Smile at those who don’t feel like laughing. We are one, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is or what you’ve done in the past (we will regain more power over our lives by me being able to rely on you and you relying on me, we won’t need a middle man).
  5. Alone with yourself – When all is quiet, you will be alone. Be happy in your presence. Love yourself so you will love others, they are part of you (love transforms your life and mine).
  6. Do what you love (when you do what you love, and it doesn’t matter if you created the love or have always had it, you are doing the best in every second for yourself and the world).
  7. Find time for yourself, be with yourself for at least a few minutes a day. This will make you aware of what you’re thinking about and what you’re giving your emotions to (ensuring you know where you’re going each day, with that comes peace and joy).
  8. The body can heal itself if we give it space. It’s not the doctor that works miracles, it’s your body.

By getting started, no matter how, you begin to actively participate in creating a future where each of us knows our power. And when you and I know our power over our lives and decisions, you and I are better off.

I started it… and now I’m passing it on, even though few people around me know about it today, and you if you’ve read this far.

I don’t want to change the world, make it a better place or a worse place. As a creator, I know it’s possible to do anything, so I figured why not throw one big party for the world. Before I leave, I want to see the laughing faces and the joy in the eyes of my fellow creators around me. And all the children on planet earth.

Today is February 3, 2023.

Written by Unified, Dreamer, Zbyněk K.

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.