Reading. You want to be successful, you have to read. Read this and read that. They say…

I’ve read hundreds of books. They didn’t make me a success, they didn’t make me a better person. I was just taking someone else’s point of view. We’re trying to take the point of view of Franta and this and that and he made rockets, you gotta read it. He’s successful, he writes about success, read it. This one says I know the key to happiness, another one knows the law of attraction.

I’ve taken information from others, but the information is somewhat tailored to the author and his life, his point of view on life.

But how many authors really believe that anything is possible and that how we approach things and how we feel right now is how we create our lives. In my life as a reader, I have only encountered this once. That was when the information I’ve been carrying around my whole life was confirmed.

Most of the world takes on the point of view of the neighbor, the politician, the bank, the doctor, the author. Instead of creating new unique points of view and possibilities.

In the end, the book we should read first is the one inside us.

Despite the fact that the creator slumbers within each of us, the world and the people around us do what they can to silence the unique. They don’t know they are doing it. Most don’t even think of such a view, they just do what someone told them to do. I think it’s time we do what we feel inside no matter what we think will happen no matter what others say.

If you know a book by authors who believe that anything is possible and that we are the creators of our lives. Then please title in the comments.

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