The internet was created as a decentralized network, without any central authority. However, over time, centralization has crept in, with a few large companies controlling much of the web. This has led to problems such as censorship and data breaches.

Web3 is a movement to return the web to its roots, as a decentralized network. This means that there is no central authority controlling the web. Instead, it is run by a network of computers, each of which has a copy of the web3 software.

This has several advantages. First, it makes the web much more resilient to censorship. If one computer is censored, the others can still provide access to the censored content. Second, it makes data breaches much less likely. If one computer is hacked, the attacker only has access to that one copy of the data.

Web3 is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to drastically change the way the web works. It could make the web more open and accessible to everyone, without the risk of censorship or data breaches.

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