Internal mechanisms - Intuition

What is intuition?

Intuition is one of the inner processes it is like a compass if you listen to your intuition you know which way to go, you know the truth and the lie. People have forgotten to use intuition yet it is one of the basic validation mechanisms we all have at our disposal.

  1. How do I perceive the truth? Truth is something that has happened to you or to someone else, but I also perceive truth in the following way: Thoughts > Emotions > Actions > Manifestation. So if someone lives differently but tells me I am heading towards this or speaks as if this dream reality already exists then I perceive it as truth because through the processes of materialization even though it may not be visible at the moment it is truth. Intuition can easily discern this.


  1. How do I perceive a lie? Something that has not taken place physically or mentally.

How do I distinguish between truth and falsehood using intuition quickly and easily? By using emotions, when someone tells the truth even though it may only be in the first stage of development (thoughts) then we feel good about it (unless we have some internal problem say problems we are thinking about while someone is telling us the truth or a lie) Then it may be distorted to some extent. Lies can be sensed by doubting the other, intuition warns that something is wrong whether it is butterflies in the stomach or we don’t feel good about it, how everyone experiences it can differ, I for example only feel that the person is not himself and so it is easy to determine that he is lying.


Intuition can be trained:

  1. Meditation (the more calm you are the better for intuition and you and its resolution)
  2. Being aware that you are constantly creating reality, as follows : Thoughts > Emotions > Actions > Manifestation
  3. Doing what you love
  4. Not having too many thoughts and emotions at once (it can distort the outcome)
  5. By Experience

Each of us is born with everything. We have everything inside of us.

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