Get out of a reality you don't want

1. You are the creator of your life
2. Your body can heal itself
3. Everything is possible
4. You are an immortal being
5. You have all the control over your emotions and thoughts if you want.
6. Evil does not exist.
7. you are “outside the matrix” or in control of your life.
8. Being the creator of your life. It is part of every being in the universe. This means that if you don’t know about it or play the victim, you are still the creator of your life, but without your attention. So by knowing and accepting that you are the creator of your life. You can easily change direction.
9. The body can heal itself. The body was not designed to get sick. We are sick because we choose thoughts and emotions that make us sick. Combined with going to doctors and hospitals. However, the body can be healthy if we choose it without fear.
10. Anything is possible. You can become whatever you want. Nothing serious is happening. Boundaries only exist for what you consider them to be.
11. You are an immortal being. When you die, you simply leave your body. You can be reunited with your parents, your children, your friends. As the creator of your life, you choose everything in this moment. So you can choose where you appear at the moment of dying.
12. You are in control. You choose your thoughts, how you will act, or how strong your emotions will be. All of this manifests your world. It can be happy or it can be a nightmare. It’s up to you.
13. Evil does not exist. Evil is only the idea of people who have not yet understood that everything comes from energy, only we humans sometimes have a distorted perception and do things that may appear to be evil, in reality it is deep ignorance and long term pain that is vented by actions that can leave scars not only on the one who does it.
14. When you know all this and try to act as the creator of your life every day, you have all the power on your side.

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.