Get out of a reality you don't want

1. You are creator of your life
2. Your body can heal itself
3. Everything is possible
4. You are immortal being
5. You have all control over your emotions and thoughts if you want to.
6. Evil doesnt exist
7. “Out of matrix” or in control of your life.
8. Being creator of your life. It is part of every being in the universe. That means if you dont know it or you playing victim you still creator of your life but without your attention. So by knowing and accepting that you are creator of your life. You are flourishing.
9. Body can heal itself. Body was not constructed to get sick. We are sick because we are choosing thoughts and emotions that makes us sick. In combination with visiting doctors and hospitals. But body can be healthy if we choose to without worry.
10. Everything is possible. You can become what ever you want. This reality is here for fun. Nothing serious happening. There are limits only what you think of it as limits.
11. You are immortal being. When you die, you just leave your body. You can again meet your parents,kids,friends. As creator of your life you choose everything in this moment. So you can choose where you appear in time of dying.
12. You have all control. You choosing thoughts, how you act or how powerfull your emotions will be. This all manifesting your world. It can be happy or it can be a nightmare. Its up to you.
13. Evil doesnt exist. Evil is only concept of judging someone because you dont agree with ” him or them”. So you label him ” evil” But as creators of our lifes we can choose what ever we want.
14. When you know all this and you act like a creator of your life everyday you have all power on your side. So you can exit the illusion you dont like (out of the matrix).

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.