Conscious change of direction

I’m experiencing what I don’t want right now, my emotions are coming out and my thoughts are becoming heavier than before. Moments when everything is falling apart.

At this point, I see two possibilities.

1. I’m going to keep doing this.
2. I’m not going to continue.

I’m gonna keep going – more of what I don’t want.

I will not continue – at this point I have made a conscious decision to consciously change direction to what I want.

At this point, I’m reprogramming how I look at it. I’m looking for the positives in the situation.I’m changing my point of view. I’m looking for thoughts that empower me, I’m seeing my power to create my life. I realize I can do anything.

The result- I’m experiencing what I want in this moment, even though a moment ago I perceived what I didn’t want.

I have created a conscious change of direction as the creator of my reality. We all have this at our disposal and many people do this unconsciously every day.

The question is do you do it consciously most of the time?

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.