Awakening the Hero Within

10 years ago I consciously began a journey of self-discovery through people, situations what I want and don’t want.


The original motivation was to get rich I remember looking at the stars and dreaming of being one of the richest people in the world.


Who am I? Why am I? I asked myself.  I’ve been homeless a few times in my time, I had nothing to eat, I didn’t know what to do. Visits from bailiffs, inability to pay the rent, never-ending fear of making it through another day. This way of life led to health problems that I dealt with alone. I feared I would die prematurely because of my deteriorating health.


Every day I started over and over again with getting healthy both mentally and physically with money with relationships. But I never gave up.


On my journey I vowed to buy a house the whole group that is with me to this day and they support me with everything they have. I will take care of my neighborhood and family financially and support the whole world.


10 years later, I’m approaching my first large sum of money. I know who I am. I can dissolve fears in seconds. I understand that consciousness creates matter. I know that mind-set is the most important thing I have in this life because it allows me to be the freest person in the universe. I love myself and through loving myself I feel love for everyone else. Healthy body is possible as well as sickness. By understanding how I create my own reality I fully understand that everyone is a part of me and vice versa.


On my journey of self-discovery, I discovered much more than financial wealth. I discovered an immortal part of us all. For this part of ourselves, everything is possible.


It all started with the dream of financial wealth when at the beginning of the journey financial wealth was 100% of the motivation as I went through life I was more motivated to take care of everyone by how much lack I saw. Today my motivation is scattered in a thousand different directions and I am motivated by every second I have left on earth.


If you never give up the dream you feel inside. You’ll get there! Every dream or goal call it what you want is doable in time.


In a few moments we will welcome the new year 2024 I believe it will be very transformational and extraordinary for all of us whatever we experience. Remember that we are the creators of our lives.

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When you are conscious of your life you will transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.